About The Migrant Movie Project

The Migrant Movie Project is a revolutionary movie network across Africa, pioneer by aliogoTv, a subsidiary of Ajahtech Media LTD. The project is setting a platform to incubate individual with creative minds who are ready and willing to explore the opportunities in the movie industry to preach the African and Europe Migration crises to the world.

We are setting a pace to combat refugee crises, set to entertain and educate you on the causes, the effect and lastly the solution to refugee crises of Africa and the world through Art and Movie.

We are the best movie project you should look out for.


The Movie Project is an Educational and Documentary one aim at eradicating African and Europe refugee crisis which will bringing into cinema, the unending pictures of agony of Migrant across land, desert and Mediterranean sea, the suffering in detention centers and sex trafficking centers/home.

The Migrant movie project is bringing different African languages into play in rebuilding the continent of African through Art. Migrant Movie project is aim at producing a world class documentary movie that will be sorted in world movie libraries and cinema houses.

The movie Location covers Nigeria, Niger Republic to Libya Mediterranean sea and Refugee camp in Europe


The Migrant project is aim at getting in totality 1000 and more cast in the movie project who will form part of THE MIGRANT Movie Revolution Network, the project is targeted on different part of African, Origin, Life styles, Origin and languages.

The Audition is targeted on few selected African countries of English, French, Arabic and different local languages embodied in the storyline/script. Do well to participate and join the THE MIGRANT massive revolutionary project in Africa through movie

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